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This page gives an overview of the goals, methods, timelines and pricing for a new  DG Bespoke website.


Overview & Goals

The new website for DG Bespoke will be the main point of contact for new customers to the business. It will provide information about DG Bespoke, the services provided, contact information & social links, feature an online booking system and have an engaging presentation of past projects to demonstrate the high caliber of work.


The website will be modern, clean and will present DG Bespoke as an easy choice for  services around the home.

Example Styles

Big image Info
Project Feature
Inspirational Home

closer look

Features & Benefits

Key Features of the Website.

Responsive Design

This means the website adapts to any screen size. It will be tested across a variety of screen sizes to ensure consistency and ease of use.


Font sizes, buttons & spacing will be adjusted to ensure information remains clear, branding consistent and the site is easy to navigate for customers on smaller screens.

Booking System

The site will feature a built-in booking system so customers can book DG Bespoke services online.

This will promote DG Bespoke as an easy to use service, convert more potential customers into paying customers and cut down on admin time. 


The website update will be built on the WordPress  platform. 

WordPress is world’s most popular website builder. It provides all the tools to create and maintain a modern website, and can be customised to your requirements with many popular plugins & services.


A basic visual style guide will be created for DG Bespoke. This will stem from the website design and describe fonts, colours, sizing & use of logo.

This will ensure strong branding consistency for your future content (email, forms, promotional material, social posts, etc.).

Font Selection

Choosing the right font is an important step for the look and readability of your site.


Fonts will be carefully chosen for a modern clean look and sizing between sections will be balanced to create engaging, easy to navigate pages.


Animation is a core part of the modern browsing experience.


Subtle animations to introduce sections, buttons, & calls to action will ensure your website guides its visitors and stands out from the competition.


Examples of this type of animation can be found on this page.

(Optional) Hosting & Maintenance

If desired, I can host and manage the website with my hosting provider (SiteGround). 

Your website will benefit from faster load speeds, SSL certificates, custom email addresses (if needed). I will also manage WordPress updates and fix any problems so you don’t have to worry. 



Content Preparation & Research

The first step is to gather any content you have to put on the new site - words, images, logos etc,.

I'll do a brief check on the competition in your industry to ensure your new site is competitive and discuss the design direction you'd like to go in.

During this time, I'll also provide some website style examples and ask you further questions to make sure you get the design you envision for your website. If you're not sure, I can make some suggestions.

Week 1

Setup & Basic Layout

*If you choose to arrange your own hosting/maintenance I'll need access to your hosting server & WordPress installation*

I'll create a basic website with all the pages and sections required for the project.

The beginnings of the website will be setup - skeleton design, about page, contact, projects etc,.

This will be the first stage of design, where pages, page layout and basic elements are put together. 

Week 2

First Draft

A 'live' test version of the site will be hosted online to be viewed.

This will be an opportunity for you to review - most of the design elements and functionality of the site will be in place and feedback can be given. If you're unhappy with the direction of the site at this stage, I'm happy to take notes and start afresh if needed.

Week 4


The website will be refined,  based on previous feedback, to work towards the final design.

Week 4

Second Draft

A second round of feedback and review on the test site. This will be the 'finishing touches' stage of the design.

Week 6

Testing and Review

The website design will be finalised. This will be the final stage of development, checking for usability and compatibility across devices.

*If you're choosing to maintain your own site after completion, I'll prepare everything for handover.*

Week 7

Live site

The final website will be signed off and launched!

Week 8

Project Costs


Below is a budget based on the services outlined in the proposal above. If you have any questions about pricing or would like to change the scope of the project, please get in touch. I’m happy to discuss options.

Website Development

Design, development, project management,


Branding, typography, Colour & style guide


Development Total


Optional Copywriting

Engaging website text to draw in your customers + SEO keywords


Optional Hosting & Maintenance







Total + Copywriting


Optional Ongoing Costs